Xpeng G6

There are three versions: a Standard range, a single-motor Long Range and a dual-motor Performance. That very closely mirrors the Tesla’s model line-up, and the range figures match, almost mile for mile, those for the equivalent Model Y versions on 20in wheels.

The G6 has 800V electrics, though, like the Porsche Taycan and various Hyundai-Kia-Genesis EVs, which allows seriously fast rapid charging at 215kW for the 66kWh LFP battery in the Standard Range, or 280kW for the 87.5kWh NMC battery in the Long Range and the Performance. In both cases, that works out to a 10-80% charge in 20 minutes.

So you get something that looks quite a lot like a Tesla Model Y, has almost identical dimensions, goes just as far and charges a smidgen more quickly. But, looking at prices in the Netherlands (UK prices haven’t been announced yet, but they’re quite uniform across Europe), the Xpeng is a couple of thousand euros cheaper than the Tesla, model for model. And that’s before you add the bigger wheels, a colour or the white interior on the Tesla, all of which cost a grand or more. On the Xpeng, only the colours cost extra, and then only €800 (£670).

In the Netherlands, it costs the equivalent of £36,320, £40,545 and £43,925 for the Standard Range, Long Range and Performance respectively. I’m told it might end up a little pricier in the UK due to the inconvenience of Brexit and converting it to right-hand drive. Still, strong value compared with rivals.

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