The Skeleton Key Odditorium in Portland, Oregon

The Skeleton Key Odditorium is a unique and one-of-a-kind treasure, found in the heart of the arts district in downtown Portland, Oregon. Both a museum and a curiosity shop, the Skeleton Key is filled with carefully sourced and mesmerizing trinkets, and pieces of history long forgotten to time, as well as countless curated pieces from local artists and creators. 

As you enter the museum space, you are immediately transported into a world of the macabre, where you’ll experience an immersive self-guided tour. There is an entire dungeon dedicated to vampires, a touching showcase of Victorian mourning practices, highlights on local Pacific Northwest macabre history, scary clowns, and much more.

The Skeleton Key Odditorium provides visitors with a personalized look into a world of the strange and unusual, things often overlooked, purposely ignored, and frequently misunderstood. Here, those artifacts are dusted off and have life breathed back into them. Visitors can expect an exceptional experience that will show guests that there is beauty and wonder in the macabre, the strange, and the unusual.

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