Q&A: Unveiling the R&D process behind Sonneborn's launch of 100% plant-based emollient

Q A Unveiling the R D process behind Sonneborn s launch of 100 plant based emollient

US-based manufacturer Sonneborn, one of the world’s largest dedicated suppliers of white oils, petrolatums, and waxes for cosmetic and personal care product formulations, has launched a 100% plant-based emollient ideal for balm applications. SonneNatural NXG offers beauty product formulators “a unique combination of properties, including non-greasy application, excellent moisture retention and an occlusive afterfeel that leaves skin feeling soft and luxurious,” according to the company’s press release.

CosmeticsDesign interviewed Sarah Atwood, Product Specialist at Sonneborn to learn more about the R&D process behind the new ingredient launch, including formulation challenges and solutions and the ways in which Sonneborn was able to ensure that internal stability standards were met.

CDU: How long did the process to create SonneNatural NXG take?​ 

Sarah Atwood (SA)​: The comprehensive process began with brainstorming in July 2021 and culminated in a pilot production trial of the newly developed product in November 2023. This ambitious journey, spanning over two years, involved meticulous stages of formulation, testing and refinement to ensure the final product not only met the stringent plant-based criteria but also demonstrated versatility for various personal care needs.  

The objective was to develop a firm, 100% plant-based product tailored for diverse applications. There was a specific focus on suitability for lip and skin care, and antiperspirant and deodorant (APDO) applications.  

CDU: Was this a product you were always looking to produce?​ 

SA​: The SonneNatural product line has been in existence for several years and while the initial range has been well-established, there is a continuous commitment to its expansion. The development of SonneNatural NXG represents a strategic response to the growing demand for vegetable-based products and the ongoing discovery of new natural ingredients.

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