Pro-Trump PAC drops 'Biden's invasion' ad Friday, in contrast to Biden campaign 'Change' ad

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A Super PAC supporting former President Donald Trump, MAGA Inc., released a new ad hitting President Biden on immigration, a key issue for voters heading into the general election, Friday.

“Nobody…Nobody is going to be deported,” Biden said in the 15-second ad, while footage plays of immigrants rushing the border fence. “There will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration.” 

Trump shared the ad Friday on Truth Social with the caption “BIDEN’S INVASION.” 

The move came hours after the Biden campaign released a Latino-focused ad, calling out the former president on his controversial rhetoric toward immigrants, while praising the diversity they bring to the U.S. 

“This election is an election between me and a guy named Trump,” Biden said in the ad, first reported by The Hill. “This is a guy who calls Latinos criminals, drug dealers, and rapists. Now he says immigrants are poisoning the blood of our country,” Biden said.

“What the hell is he talking about?” he continued. “The reason we’re as good as we are is because we are the most diverse country in the world.”

The 30-second ad entitled “Change,” will air on digital platforms both in Spanish and English. It will be played in Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Florida. The ad is part of a $30 million ad buy following Biden’s State of the Union address. 

This was Biden campaign’s second Latino-focused ad this week. The first, released Tuesday, outlined different policy positions between Biden and Trump for Latino voters. 

The candidates have battled over immigration issues before, with both Trump and Biden visiting the southern border last month, though being in different locations.

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