'Much-needed relief': Beauty brand execs react to MoCRA compliance extension

Much needed relief Beauty brand execs react to MoCRA compliance

Last week​, the FDA published a guidance update extending MoCRA’s product listing and cosmetic manufacturing facility registration compliance statutory deadline from December 29, 2023, to July 1, 2024. This update is the latest in a series of actions by the FDA to prepare for MoCRA’s enactment over the past year, including the suspension of the Voluntary Cosmetics Registration Program (VCRP) in March and the launch of an open commentary period for its replacement, draft electronic submission portal Cosmetics Direct in September.

The FDA​ intends to “provide regulated industry additional time to comply​” with MoCRA’s regulations by delaying enforcement of facility registration and listing requirements for cosmetic products and manufacturers. To learn more about how this extension is being received by beauty brand decision-makers, including the most significant challenges to MoCRA compliance and proposed solutions to these challenges, CosmeticsDesign spoke with Erin Delatorre, Regulatory Compliance Manager, and Chad Conger, Senior Vice President of Technology at cosmetics manufacturing company Cohere Beauty. Delatorre is a member of the Independent Beauty Association’s Technical Regulatory Committee and MoCRA subcommittee, placing her at the forefront of MoCRA developments.

CDU: What are the implications of the FDA’s guidance on extending the deadline for cosmetics and personal care product manufacturers to comply with facility registration and product listing requirements under MoCRA for beauty brand decision-makers?

Erin Delatorre (ED): This is a much-needed relief to the industry as it provides a more reasonable timeline for navigating the new portal and successfully submitting the required information – especially for emerging brand decision-makers who may not have the regulatory expertise that more prominent brands do.

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