Mark Zuckerberg experiments with six-window Quest VR multitasking

Mark Zuckerberg announced on Wednesday that version 67 of Horizon OS is rolling out with an experimental feature allowing Quest owners to multitask with up to six virtual windows. Once enabled (by going to Settings, then Experimental, and toggling it on), you’ll be able to dock three windows in what Meta is calling a “hinged” layout while freely placing and resizing up to three more wherever you want.

The feature is available on the Quest Pro, Quest 2, and Quest 3, but it’s especially nice on the Quest 3 when you’re using it in mixed reality mode. The augmented reality support is similar to the Apple Vision Pro’s experience. With the additional windows, Quest owners now have more options and, according to reports, the ability to move further away without losing windows.

There’s also a “Theater View” button that quickly isolates and enlarges any one of the windows while dimming the others. It works with the browser, video player, and other 2D apps and windows within Horizon OS.

Meta has also added a new Horizon Feed section that highlights content from select creators like A Wolf in VR and SteveKnows. It’s positioned as a more sociable approach to discovering new apps and games. You’ll be able to like posts and share them with friends.

Other changes coming in version 67 include swipe typing for easier text input, QR code scanning to set up Wi-Fi access (available only on the Quest 3), improvements to eye tracking performance on the Quest Pro, and the ability to set durations for Do Not Disturb mode. Keep checking back if you’re not seeing the update right away, as Meta says it’s a gradual rollout.

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