Investor Excitement Peaks with MOONHOP Presale’s 10x Potential, Nike-Inspired Cardano Coin & JasmyCoin's Trading Boom

In the ever-evolving crypto arena, three coins are currently the talk of the town. The introduction of a Nike meme coin by the founder of Cardano has taken the crypto world by surprise, quickly becoming Cardano’s most traded token. Simultaneously, JasmyCoin’s trading volume has soared by 32%, surpassing heavyweights like Cardano and Fantom. 

Amidst these exciting developments, MOONHOP cements its status as the premier presale meme coin, offering a thrilling investment journey centered around community engagement and has raised $916,000 in its presale so far. With its forward-thinking model and engaging approach, MOONHOP is set to redefine investing in cryptocurrencies.

Cardano Founder Sparks Nike Meme Coin Frenzy

In a surprising twist, Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson’s casual tweet led to the creation of the Nike meme coin, which swiftly climbed to the top of Cardano’s trading charts, even outpacing the likes of SNEK. The founder himself was taken aback by the coin’s rapid rise, highlighting the significant impact of community-driven initiatives in the crypto world. This event illustrates how a simple social media interaction can unexpectedly alter market dynamics, emphasizing the spontaneous and fast-paced nature of the cryptocurrency environment.

JasmyCoin’s Trading Volume Explodes

JasmyCoin has distinguished itself in the crypto market, registering a significant 32% increase in trading volume to hit $156 million. This leap reflects growing investor confidence in JasmyCoin’s potential and strategic direction, as it now outperforms established cryptos like Cardano and Fantom in 24-hour trading volume. The crypto community is keenly watching to see if Jasmy can maintain this momentum and achieve long-term growth.

MOONHOP: The Premier Presale Meme Coin

Step into the world of MOONHOP, where your financial journey is infused with the playfulness of bounding bunnies. MOONHOP shines as the top presale meme coin, kicking off an enticing adventure with a cleverly structured presale divided into 50 phases. 

Starting at an affordable $0.01 per MHOP coin, early participants can secure their coins at low prices, with the value poised to rise to $0.50 by the launch. This staged presale strategy rewards early members of the MOONHOP community, affectionately known as The Fluffle, ensuring they reap benefits from their initial support. The presale has raised a commendable $916,000 so far.

MOONHOP’s approach to tokenomics is robust, with a total supply of 8 billion MHOP coins, half of which are allocated for the presale. The funds raised are strategically invested back into enhancing MOONHOP’s platform functionality, launching potent marketing campaigns, and building a strong liquidity pool for smooth trading experiences. Additionally, necessary operational costs, including team compensations and legal expenses, are covered, promoting a stable and scalable growth for MOONHOP.

As investors, joining MOONHOP means becoming part of a community dedicated not only to financial success but also to fostering a supportive and thriving ecosystem. It’s an invitation to be part of a journey filled with excitement, unity, and substantial growth potential.


As Cardano’s founder catalyzes a new meme coin sensation and JasmyCoin’s trading volume indicates rising trust, MOONHOP stands out as the leading presale meme coin, inviting enthusiasts to join a unique crypto experience filled with joy and collective success. In this dynamic trio, each coin offers a distinct path to decentralised prosperity, urging us to envision, invest, and leap towards a playful and profitable crypto future.

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