Hotel Uzbekistan in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Towering above Amir Temir Square in Tashkent, the Hotel Uzbekistan was founded in 1974 as the leading luxury hotel during the Communist era. Though its prime is long past, it remains arguably the most notable example of Soviet-style Brutalist architecture in Central Asia.

The exterior is a cluster of honeycomb-like blocks of raw concrete, entwined and rising for 17 floors in the shape of an open book. An aluminum screen provided a much-needed cooling system, which was given the nickname of “paranja” after the traditional robe. The building was reinforced with a metal frame and designed to be anti-seismic, as the city had just been recovering from the aftermath of a major earthquake at the time of its completion.

Though there are “better” options to stay in Tashkent today, the architecture and history of the Hotel Uzbekistan remains unmatched.

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