Fragrance in 2024: industry shifts, responsible perfumery, and trend setting according to indie brand founder

Fragrance in 2024 industry shifts responsible perfumery and trend setting

In the world of fragrance, staying ahead of the curve is key to success. However, for Marc-Antoine Barrois—the renowned perfumer and founder of his eponymous brand whose brand has recently seen rising success in the US fragrance market—following trends is far from a priority.

CosmeticsDesign spoke with Barrois for greater insight into his approach to fragrance creation, the industry’s evolving landscape, and his forecast for future global fragrance industry trends.

Responsible fragrance trends: challenges and solutions

“As an independent brand, I don’t try to follow trends,” Barrois asserted, adding, “I’m conscious that it’s easier for me to take risks, which allows me to try to set trends.”

In alignment with this ideology regarding the product formulation process, Barrois made a significant move five years ago towards making his perfumes more respectful by eliminating preservatives and controversial UV filters from his formulations. This move, he explained, is an example of a broader trend in the industry towards greater responsibility.

“I believe that these days, making the industry more responsible is a new trend in perfumery,” Barrois shared. However, he also acknowledged that embracing this trend comes with its challenges.

“It’s a different mindset, and it’s not easy to address such changes,” Barrois admitted. “First, actors need to be convinced that there is something to improve in perfumery, and then they have to adapt to a new reality of products with a real shelf life.”

But where there are challenges, there are also solutions, and Barrois emphasized the importance of taking incremental steps toward change tailored to each company’s needs.

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