Football Manager secures deal for Premier League badges, kits, player faces

Sports Interactive, the makers of Football Manager (FM), has announced a licensing partnership with the Premier League.

The 2025 edition will feature official logos, kits, badges and player faces for all 20 teams. The partnership will run for four years and bring a new element of personalisation for fans of the popular management simulation game.

Miles Jacobson, studio director at Sports Interactive, said: “Since Football Manager’s inception, we have always wanted to work with the Premier League, and we’re delighted to announce that at last we are.

“The partnership isn’t just about the huge in-game benefits it’ll give our fans, but also the opportunities it provides us to help with the incredible things that the Premier League and their clubs do off the pitch.

“That includes community and charitable work, two things we’re enormously passionate about, as well as the ability to work with some of their existing partners.”

In the 2024 edition, only two Premier League teams, Manchester City and Brighton, have official kits, badges, logos and player faces in the game. Sports Interactive became one of City’s official partners in 2023, while Brighton have had a deal in place with FM since 2020. The other 18 Premier League teams in FM24 all have the correct names, but no official licences beyond that.

Football Manager 2023 marked the start of a partnership with UEFA for all club competitions to be fully licensed for the first time, and the game has taken another step forwards with their four-year licensing deal with the Premier League.

The biggest impact will be that fans will no longer have to download custom-made logo and kit packs from third-party websites to replicate the authenticity of the Premier League.

Another notable change is that you will no longer have to look for the ‘English Premier Division’ when searching in-game, as that will now have the official title in FM25.



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