Detroit-area teacher says she was fired after parent complained about her side hustle as a rapper

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A Detroit-area teacher claimed she was fired from her job after the school received a complaint about her side hustle as a rapper, local media reported.

Domonique Brown, a former U.S. history teacher at Taylor Prepatory High School in Taylor, Mich., told FOX 2 last week a parent anonymously complained to the school last October about her rapping career on the side, leading to months of meetings and her eventual termination.

Performing under the stage name “Drippin Honey,” Brown’s YouTube channel, where she posted her singing videos, has nearly 3,500 subscribers.

She took to her platform following the alleged termination and posted a music video titled “Drippin 101,” in which she can be seen dancing and singing with some of the students she previously taught. It has amassed nearly 69,000 views on YouTube and includes a description of the events that unfolded after the anonymous complaint.

Brown said meetings continued with the school for five months following the anonymous complaint, where she “defend[ed]” her “involvement in the music industry.”

“What troubles me most about this situation is the lack of consideration for the impact and influence I have had on my students’ lives. My outside life should not be grounds for termination when it does not interfere with my ability to fulfill my responsibilities as a teacher,” she wrote in the statement.

“My dedication, professionalism, and passion for education have always been unwavering, regardless of any personal pursuits I may have. It is worth noting that when I was hired as a teacher, my involvement in the music industry as a rapper did not hinder my candidacy.”

She taught for seven years and has collected over 200 signatures from students and parents who support her, she said.

“The first meeting was with my dean and my principal and they were just telling me, ‘Hey, a parent said that they’ve seen your social media, and that you’re a bad influence because you’re a rapper,’” Brown told FOX 2.

She said the parent continued to complain and when she asked for the complaint in writing, she never received it, FOX 2 reported.

Brown reportedly said she believes she was discriminated against, telling FOX 2, “Music is part of the culture. We’re from Motown, this is what we do. So it’s not like it’s unheard of, it’s the culture. When you look like me, you just understand it a little bit … better.”

Taylor Prep did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but a spokesperson for the school told FOX 2 they are aware of Brown’s allegations.

Brown said she plans to hire an attorney and take legal action against the school.

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