16 Best PlayStation 5 Accessories (2024): SSD Storage, Headsets, Controllers, 120-Hz TVs

It’s not as hard to buy a new PlayStation 5 as it used to be, but its capabilities are still impressive. The cybernetic clamshell tower of a console is packed to the gills with killer hardware. It can run games in native 4K, hit frame rates in excess of 120 frames per second, and output video at 120 hertz for that ultra-silky-smooth look and feel.

Still, not everything you need comes in the box. A few more add-ons will make your game session that much easier and enjoyable. Sony’s DualShock controller is one of the best game controllers available, and the PS5 is the first console that can really take advantage of a great home theater setup. To that end, we’ve compiled our favorite PS5 accessories, including a few luxury picks for those of you looking to turn your living room into a cathedral for your new PS5.

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Updated March 2024: We added the PlayStation Portal, PlayStation 5 Covers, SteelSeries Arctis 7P+, LG C3, WD Black SN770 SSD, WD P4 Gaming Drive, Yamaha ATS-2090 soundbar, and updated links and prices throughout.

Jaina Grey contributed to this guide.

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